Sustainable fashion is the new standard

A world wherein sustainable fashion is the new standard

Founded in Rotterdam by two friends with a passion for sustainability, we want to bring slow fashion into the mainstream. Finding good clothing with the planet in mind is a tedious task. We want to simplify that.

The fashion industry emits a lot of CO2 and wastes a lot of resources, among which thousands litres of water. In general this sector is organised from production to waste bin, with little circularity in mind. On top of that, fast fashion upscales production to create short term fashion trends, reducing the average lifetime of clothing drastically.

Making new clothes will always be resource intensive, nonetheless there are efforts that can be made to limit its impact. Slow fashion, consisting of responsibly new, curated vintage and upcycling, is a movement that creates clothing made to last, with sustainable practices in mind.

We connect multiple slow fashion initiatives to the conscious consumer, where we want to give transparency how and why the clothing we offer on Seclo is a more responsible choice. Without sacrificing aesthetics. We are the platform for slow fashion.

meet the team
Sophie Haccou
Bas de Koning
Martijn Vinke
Floor Harreman