VANDERYT - Dutch Fashion Designer

Steven Van de Ryt is a Dutch fashion designer based in Eindhoven. He graduated from the School for the Arts Utrecht in 2016 and has since worked on collections for international fashion weeks and exhibited his work in prestigious venues such as the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades in Munich. His work is known for its craftsmanship, technical skill, and innovative use of materials.

We believe in the principles of ZERO-WASTE Fashion. ¬†We always try, with every collection we make, to get the exact amount of material. Everything that is left over material, we try to use in our pieces by using it as the inside parts of over pieces or we use it as ways to use it at finishes. We think it’s very important to add our part to work for a better climate.

We also believe in the worth of every piece of clothing and we don’t believe in the Fast-Fashion system. The mass production of clothing takes away from the true worth of each single item. Even the worth of pieces by the most exclusive designers are affected by this system because of the huge numbers of production.

Every piece we make. we make Cut-To-Order and everything we make is made inside our own four walls. By doing this we give every piece a personal touch and we can guarantee we deliver a piece of high quality and lifespan. We believe that this is the future way to keep the values high, exclusivity intact and it keeps the integrity of the designer on a high level. We also think that our customers are the most important part of our business and we would like to give them a personal experience with every piece they buy.

We take personal care of all our sales. When a consumer buys a piece with us we will send you a personal invoice containing all needed information. As soon as we receive the payment we will start making all the purchased pieces. Because we
make everything Cut-To-Order we have a minimal delivery-time of 20 days. We keep you personally informed on the status of your purchase and we’ll keep you posted on the creative and production process off your look.

In short, we offer you a piece of clothing that comes with a personal experience and full of memories, even before you ever have worn the piece.

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