Stitching Stories

Stitching stories - upcycled clothing

Stitching Stories is not just an upcycled clothing label, but a means of making your own identity and story visible to others. In this way, we make visible the differences but also the connections that exist between us people with the garments, campaigns and collaborations, in order to create a genuine dialogue.

Guillermo and Carmen founded Stitching Stories in May 2021. With Stitching Stories we strive for togetherness, connection and that we can see each other. The inspiration for each project comes from the story we carry with us and how we express it in our daily lives through our clothing and appearance.

We all tell each other different stories through the way we dress. There are differences, but also similarities between different societies. Which manifests itself in clothing styles.

We are committed to education, we believe it is important to learn more about your identity and creativity. An underexposed but important part of society. Therefore, we give different workshops in schools about making clothes, but also the research of your identity and the story behind each piece of clothing.

Our clothes are made in the most social, sustainable and exclusive way. We collaborate with Huis van Vrede in Utrecht, Roads ateliers in Haarlem, Zeefdrukmakers in Amsterdam, and have our own in house atelier. Read more about our ateliers here.

We are always looking for new stories to express and incorporate into new designs and collaborations. Please contact us to share your story.

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