SOLIPSI - Fashion designer

SOLIPSI is an avant-garde fashion and accessories brand, designed by Cecilia Serafini, a versatile designer and creative from Italy, now based in the Netherlands.

Her passion for blending contrasts, subcultures, and skilled craftsmanship laid the foundation for SOLIPSI’s inception in 2016. After several years of working as a fashion designer and Trend Forecaster for leading brands, she decided to step into entrepreneurship, launching her first accessory collection, which was showcased during Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

The latest collection, “Neo Araki,” made its debut at NYFW in September 2023.

SOLIPSI’s essence lies in creating unique pieces of wearable art, blurring the lines between handbags, jewels, and expressive garments. These designs challenge traditional fashion norms, offering a refined and wearable identity that’s both contemporary and versatile.

The brand’s name, inspired by the philosophical concept of “Solipsism,” reflects the idea that accessories and fashion, in general, are self-referential, closely linked to individuality, and a means of self-expression.

Each piece is carefully crafted by artisans in Italy with a focus on sustainability and expert craftsmanship.

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