S.A.MPLE – Sam Cruden and Domine Zimmerman

Unisex fashion brand S.A.M.PLE

Sam Cruden and Domien Zimmerman, two experienced designers with an impressive track record with high-end fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Diesel, Kuyichi and Gaastra now present their own fashion brand under the name S.A.MPLE.

S.A.MPLE is a casual sustainable unisex fashion brand with a very unique vision on sustainability and “re-done” fashion. There are currently many initiatives in the field of sustainability, but we wanted to take a different approach. Our end products are conversions of high-quality vintage semi-finished products, in a very limited edition. Through certain applications and interventions, we transform existing items into something new. And by placing the items in a different, unexpected wearing context, they get a “stand out” effect.

We strive to create high-quality wearable designs with a twist, while also having a strong degree of fashionable timelessness. Most of our items are made with denim-related influences, and subtly branded with our own S.A.MPLE logo.

Sam & Do work with basic materials such as cotton, wool, or high-quality blends, including a lot of denim wear, original army wear, and workwear from Europe. They also sometimes purchase specifically based on a material, such as with the Original HARRIS TWEED series.

They edit and modify the products themselves, locally with a small team. This means that each piece of clothing is unique in character and available in limited quantities and sizes. Purchasing, production, distribution, and creation all take place from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and our immediate neighboring countries. All this makes the end products extremely durable and special at the same time.

By purchasing directly from the source, production costs can be kept under control and the many manual work remains as affordable as possible.
They currently sell their products directly to consumers via WhatsApp, Instagram, at home or via the Tupperware party system.

We started over a year ago with the brand name “S.A.M” as a starting point. The letters S.A.M stand for Surplus Amend Manufactured.
Due to the limited and unique character of each item, we decided half a year later to change the brand name to “S.A.MPLE”.

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